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The teahouse with tea-linking
2012-9-6 17:29:26

In China, around the teahouse, restaurants, tea room, tea shop, cafe Kadoba or pillars, tea ceremony, tea, tea ceremony performances the hall walls, and even within the tea people's living room, often can be seen hanging there tea things for content tea-linking. The tea associated often gives the elegant simplicity of the United States, often give people a sense of righteousness wise, you can also bring Lenovo to increase tea taste. The tea-linking allows tea flavoring tea also can make tea linked brilliance. Hangzhou's "Tea House", hanging in the main entrance of the goal post with a tea-linking:
Cup the Spring Dew temporarily detain a guest, two axillary breeze Jiyu to cents.
Associated in both the channel clear tea detain a guest, say the tea pure heart and splendidly For cents sense. Get in the antechamber admission, wooden pillars in front of the reception room, and a joint hanging:
Have peace with the world with its music, a person must not get along without.
Pair of tea together, there is no "tea" word. But see at a glance, it tells people a common interest, as well as tea master fervent spirit of "Friends of tea". People to read great here tea wins tea "sense. In the doors of the showroom, there are other associated:
The the Dragon Mission Qiaogua Hong from the valley of Ding Yi-yu-light Canruo hazy.
Alliance in the wording of the subtle, point out the tea, names with people never watch, there are, such as into a sense of Baoshan. Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea at a tea called "show Tsui Church Hall, in front of hung there is a tea-linking:
Springs out of the situation from the stone should aroma more round flavor of tea on mountain peaks.
The associated attunement which, Longjing tea unique, spring, love, taste its wonderful incomparable.
Yangzhou have a tea-linking Fuchun Teahouse is also very unique, bluntly:
Dishes without meat also; Yadan hard for away from me.
Shaoxing in the streets for the emperor Ridge Chating hung a tea-linking, said:
Skim Oasis good to cool hot wash off the two shall Ridge Road dangerous words pedestrians.
The associated semantic profound, both Oasis of tea to line the passers brought a pleasant, somewhat arduous journey of life.
Quanzhou, Fujian has a small but elegant tearoom, tea linking wrote:
Small world, big occasion, let me a seat; Hero, Tan Gujin, drink a few glasses.
This linking up and down the vertical and horizontal, wide-ranging conversation, It was simple, but realistic, stunning.
The Fuzhou Nanmenwai Chating suspension of a joint:
Good mountain, good water, open the door smile without trouble; came and went, went hastily, tea drinking a few glasses of Seton Hall.
The associated user-friendly, concise, and teach people to fame and fortune, and character cultivation.
The gatehouse on both sides of the Beijing Qianmen Beijing Teahouse hanging such a couplet:
Served in big bowls make the Kyushu guests, her second child, a loyalty points devotion.
Portrayed teahouse tea Fraternal "character, and further clarify the teahouse business purposes.
The Guiyang Figure cloud off Chating have a tea-linking:
Feet separated Avenue, tight juncture, need to recognize the fork; a pavilion Estate, the mountains, the high points to the point, natural catch up with their predecessors. Understand that if then stimulated human Endeavour.
The old Guangdong Guangzhou famous the teahouse Taotaoju ", the owner, with the word" Tao "in order to expand its influence to solicit business for the uplink and the beginning of the second line, a large amount of money levy tea linked one. Finally made a tea-linking. Alliance, saying:
Tao Qian hi drink, Yiya hi cooking, to drink cooking degrees; Tao Kan Xifen, Xiayu Xi inch, propriety exhaustive. Here with the four names that Tao Qian, Yiya, Tao Kan and Xiayu; four allusions that Tao Qian hi drink, Yiya hi cooking the Tao Kan Xifen and Xiayu Xi-inch, not only the word "tata" embedded at the end of each of the first people to look natural, smooth, but also cleverly pot of tea skills and operating characteristics, aptly show it rightly welcomed by shopkeepers and tea and widely read.
In Shu early home teahouse concurrently wine industry, due to poor management, business was light. Later, the owner invited a local wit has written a Chajiu associated engraved doors on both sides:
Busy in the name of IDS busy, sneak in and drink a cup of tea; Auntie bitter, bitter labor, Kuzhongzuoyue, then pour a glass of wine.
Conjunction chase seeking profits not only not added commentary, instead persuade people to pamper the body, unrestrained life, people quite a lot of sentiment, exotic and apt, tastes, people Jiaokou according to legend.
Probably the most interesting such a palindrome tea linked to the number of associated text reads:
"Fun words can agreeable tea pure heart".
Down to read then become: the heart can be tea, meaning words Fun Fitness. Before and after control mood extraordinary literary talent and entertain the people, unique taste, after all, the Chating associated leader.
Cents mouse white, such as crows, hung upside down stream month.
Tea students including stone, Yuquan flow prodigiously.
Root Ke sprinkle aryl-chun, the mining clothes Yun musculoskeletal.
Cong the old volumes green leaves, ulterior motives successive phase.
Exposure into cacti, to beat Hung cliff shoulder.
World unseen, who is scheduled to pass its name.
Were British is Zen Bo, cast gift with Jiapian.
Clear mirror candle the unsalted, Gu ashamed West Yan.
Toward sit divertissement, Zhang Yin broadcast heavens.
The word seven words poetry
Yuan Zhen
Bay leaves, buds.
Moiselle passengers love Monk family.
The grind carved white jade, cook Hongsha.
, Huang Rui color, Diao fried, bowl convolution dust flowers.
Invited to accompany the moon in the night, the morning before the fate of Asaka.
Washes away the past and present tireless approaching drunk Qi worthy boast.
"Write rapidly Xie Jian Yi Send a new tea"
Lu Tong
Hidaka husband the five sleeping is strong, the Army will hit the door scared the Duke of Zhou.
The mouth Cloud Jian Yi send letters, Sclerotium ramp inside back cover Road India.
Open-chien Wan to see Jian Yi surface, hand reading month regiment of three hundred.
Wen Road New Year into the mountains, from the Thoroughfare alerted the spring breeze.
The emperor shall taste Yangxian tea Baicao dare to flowering.
Ren Wind dark knot bead extraction of gold bud bud, the first spring.
The good without extravagance, to fine to pick fresh roasted aromatic spin envelop.
I co-princes, supreme, what to the mountain people.
Chapman vulgar off anti-Off, Shamao halter since fried eat.
The Pik cited wind constantly, white flowers floating photocoagulation bowl.
The bowl throat kiss Run, two bowls of breaking solitary stuffy.
Three bowls of search desperately, only the text of 5,000 volumes.
Siwan hair light sweat, his life a grievance, although scattered pores.
Wu Wan of musculoskeletal clear Liuwan through Faerie.
Seven bowls also can not eat, except sleep two axillary breeze breeze students.
Penglai Mountain, where? Tamagawa the sub take this breeze want to go back.
Soil status of Qunxian Division lofty mountain every wind and rain.
An informed that one hundred trillion Cang life, falling in Britain Cliff by hard!
They Jian Yi asked the common people, the head rest together No?
"The Sencha on Meng Jiao Los Kitano springs"
Liu made history
Shoots and buds, powder fine the wild cook Hangyeryeong Bin.
Fear good Lingcao Shijie hand pro.
Knock the fresh stone fire, write-Quan fishy scales.
Yingying the wind pan, Picking up the fallen nest salary.
Clean color cool do not, the the floating heavy atmosphere also attentive.
As a token of perverting the static, obtained Zhengwei true.
The like Abstract Mountain, since the next spring.
Xiang porcelain pan-light flowers, wash away God faint thirsty.
This tour woke Fun can be the words of an expert.
"The the new tea Wing Send on the Nishikawa Xianggong twenty Sanjiu doctor twenty-two uncle"
With three offerings the Penglai beginning a taste, Japan and tune the Jinding read aromatic.
Storage of jade together before half-pie, Send Alliant title, number line.
"9 tea with Miss at Shi Yu
Shanseng hospital on 9 Tori daisy yellow.
The the laity multi Pan wine, Who solutions to help tea.
Zhao Ju tea party "
Money from the
Forget the words purple tea Takeshita victory Yu-off drunk slipped Xia.
The dust Heart wash fun Nanjin cicadas chirping piece of a tree shadow oblique.
"Qin tea"
Bai Juyi
Kang Kang moving within the Send Shape Group, Tao Tao wayward life.
Since throwing officer spring and more drunk, do not read the tea to the old more leisure.
The piano in the know Wen Wei Lushui tea GuJiu is the Mengshan.
The next travel behavior long companions, who Road Wujin no dealings.
Gap in the taste of tea. "
Zheng Gu
Clusters of new the British Abstract exposed light, the Xiaojiang garden gently taste.
Wu the monks Man A Shan, above Sou Hugh boast Ukraine mouth fragrant.
The seated half Ou light pan-green, shallow open-chien few pieces containing yellow.
The Lumen sick passengers do not go back, wine thirst more long-Zhichun taste.
Summer day and even for "
Liu Zongyuan
South State ruffles drunk as wine, hidden a few Shumian on North Shuyou.
Day afternoon alone feel it demonstrated sound, Shan Tong separated bamboo knock tea acetabulum.
"And open state of Wei Sheng the Camellia Ling"
Zhang Ji
Purple buds with white stamen, early students to Lingtou.
Since watching family Abstract unusual touch exposed line.
"Title Zen hospital
Du Mu
Gong ship Boating percentage of empty-year-old youth live up to the public.
Zen couch River today coming from silk, tea, tobacco the Qing Yang Petals wind.
"The tea drinking songs were hanged railed Cui stone sympathizing"
The more he leaves a quiet river Ming, mining gold bud Cuan Jinding.
Bisque snow color floating foam fragrant, like all fairy Joan Ho Rui pulp.
A drink polyester faint sleep soundly, Emotional hearty full of heaven and earth;
Drink clear my God, suddenly, such as Raindance sprinkled like dust;
The three drink it moral, why should we fret about troubles.
This was lofty world Mozhi, the world Drinking multi deceived.
Worry to see Bi Zhuo urn night, laughing to Tao Qian Lei under.
Cui Hou sip of Italy does not have, Poets an amazing ear.
Shuzhi the tea ceremony wholly Seoul true, only Danqiu.
"Ming slope"
Lu Xi Sheng
February mountain home Guyu days, Banpo Fang Ming Lu Hua fresh.
Spring of alcoholic disease the wine and Chief of Diabetes, but unfortunately take the sprout spin Abstract fried.
Huzhou tribute baking tea "
Zhang regulation
Wind chariot look for spring and half drunk, The Regard influent Imperial curtain open.
The peony laughing gold-tin automatically pass outs the Huzhou Zisun to.
"The Xiling priests tea Song
Wen Ting-yun
Pulse the milk sinus splash splashing through stone, Green dust worry grass Chunjiang color.
Stream flower into the well water shiang, mountain month when people loose Kagenao.
Seno the White Fan cream bird Ling. The whisk altar night reading "Hunyuanqi".
Sparse fragrant white teeth aftertaste, feel more crane Xin Tong Yao Ming.
"Tea Poetry"
Zheng was invited
The buds Hong Ling, I called grass Sino-British.
Night mortar and smoke pound, cold stove cooking on the snow.
Except worry Bi powder scattered, common green peanuts.
Most worthy treasure, to make sleep thinking Qing.